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'''[[Piccinni, Niccolò]]'''
'''[[Piccinni, Niccolò]]'''
'''[[Philippe Egalité]]'''
'''[[Philippe Egalité]]'''aka Louis Philippe Joseph, Duke of Orleans
'''[[Piranesi, Giovanni Battista]]'''
'''[[Piranesi, Giovanni Battista]]'''

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Paine, Thomas

Paley, William

Palmer, Elihu

Percy, Thomas

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista

Pestalozzi, Johann Heinrich

Piccinni, Niccolò

Philippe Egalitéaka Louis Philippe Joseph, Duke of Orleans

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista

Playfair, William

Pompadour, Marquise de

Pope, Alexander

Prévost, Abbé

Price, Richard

Priestley, Joseph

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